Leadership Services

Leadership, Coaching, Peer Group Marketing Services

Strategic Planning

A customized plan that will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that will meet the local, regional, national and international targets.


We learn about your company, its history and goals for the future. We examine what you have done in the past, what’s worked and what has not.




We research, analyze current trends, identify new audiences and refine existing target markets to come up with different options that will position your company for optimum success.




 We bring our recommendations to you. You review, ask questions and decide what you feel comfortable with. It is your feedback that allows us to tailor an individualized marketing plan to meet your goals.


Your plan is set into motion. The work from all previous steps gives us a clear idea of goals at hand, how to proceed and what needs to be created in order to meet the needs of the plan.



Once your marketing campaign begins, we continually analyze the response, by gathering and calculating data to make sure your plan is achieving the desired results.



Individual Coaching

Liminal Solutions offers practical insights and processes to help you successfully navigate through your  “liminal spaces” – those times of challenge and transition in which old ways of operating are losing their effectiveness and new, more effective ways haven’t yet clearly emerged. Just as light enters a room when a door opens, our processes illuminate what awaits you at the threshold of change. Some of the liminal spaces we can bring expert assistance to include:

  • Transition Acceleration – Coaching to help you thrive in a new role, leadership context or organization.
  • Performance Enhancement – Strengthening your leadership performance within an existing role.
  • Unleashing Potential –  Conducting targeted assessment and development as a part of your organization’s commitment to developing its highest potential leaders.
  • Rediscovering Purpose –  Partnering with you to identify your underlying sense of purpose and core values to guide you on your leadership journey

Peer Group Specialization

Back in the early 2000’s, Allegory Marketing (owned by Tom DeNardin) added a new dimension of bringing client CEO’s together to discuss their company issues. Allegory’s purpose was to help current clients not only network, but to solve problems.

Today, DeNardin continues to work with clients, both individually, and in group settings. Although Allegory had been doing this for years, now you will most likely hear the process referred to as PEER GROUP.